Getting Overcharged for a Funeral

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult time for most people, where all thought goes into mourning who was lost, and planning for their funeral. However, many of the eviler side of humanity see funerals not as a way to mourn and move on, but as a chance to line their own pockets. Funeral scams and overcharging are constant problems, and since most people are in mourning, they often don’t see it.

Knowing how to be sure your funeral costs are legitimate is something that can counter these scams, by asking clear questions and listening carefully to the answers. First, look at caskets. Many people want to bury their dead in a nice-looking casket, but most scammers in the industry take advantage of that by showing the most expensive casket first.

Seeing that it is nice, if pricy, we often buy it or a slightly less expensive casket. However, there are plenty of good-looking caskets that sell very cheaply without skimping on quality. So, ask about the lower priced caskets and you might find a hidden gem.

Second, avoid emotional overspending. People spend when they are upset (this author does) and losing a loved one can be a major pit of grief. Don’t try and fill that pit with money, and think about purchases rationally. You can still have a lovely funeral and honor your loved one without spending a fortune on a fancy burial plot or a cushioned lined casket.

how to be sure your funeral costs are legitimate

Honor them through memories and speeches instead, after all, those are what you carry with you forever. Finally, be sure to understand the funeral laws in your state, as they often benefit the family and you in terms of keeping costs low. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to resisting scammers and planning for the funeral.